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Flute Lessons

Lessons available on-line
or in person in Narooma NSW Australia

Beginner Flute Student

Have you always wanted to learn to play the flute and don’t know where to start?.

Would you like your child to learn the flute , but you know nothing about music?

I’m here to help and I am happy to give some advice.


What to do

1.You will need an instrument. I am happy to give advice on brands, models and price.

2. Book a lesson with me.

3. I will help you with the first steps of putting your instrument together, making a sound, finding the fingerings for the first 5 notes and playing along with the tuition book.



Returning Flute Student.

Did you studied music at school and dropped it for twenty years while you were busy with building a career, a home and raising the kids? Do you now want to pick up your flute again and need some guidance. You will be surprised how your training is still in your brain and re-learning your instrument will be an accelerated experience.

We can pick up at a level that is comfortable and have some fun developing your musical skills


Intermediate Flute student.

You can read music and have some skill on your instrument but you now want to progress further? You feel a bit stuck with your routine and need some inspiration and a fresh approach. You may need some help preparing for your next exam.
We can work out your goals and direction and make a schedule over the next 3 to 12 months to achieve them.


Advanced Flute player .

You are a competent player but wish to get some advice on what is require to break into the professional market. As I have been a pro player for over 35 years I am happy to share with you what skills you will expected to have and how to sharpen them. Sight reading, taking a solo, doubling instruments, transposing on sight, attitude, repertoire, playing in different styles, breaking into the scene.


Online Flute lessons .

I am available online Australia wide.

We can use Zoom, Skype, Facetime or any platform that you are comfortable with. You will need

Good internet access – you can test your speed on You will need 25mg or above

Two devices – one for the lesson and one for backing tracks or YouTube/Spotify

We will work from the same book and I will coach you through the material.


Person to person Flute lessons

Narooma, NSW Australia 2546

Come along for person to person lesson at my music studio.


Jazz Improvisation on the Flute.

To play by ear your need to learn by ear, Playing Jazz on the Flute is fundamentally an aural tradition. If you ask any accomplished improvisor, the common activity is to copy by ear the music of their mentors. Transcribing your favourite players to memory is the essence of being able to capture the subtleties of the musical style you prefer. It is not easy but I will help you with the tools and approach that will get you there.

We also need to work on your sales and harmony to understand and navigate through the music structure.



Understanding Jazz harmony on the Flute.

We will go through the scales and their relationships and relevance. How to navigate through chords and changes. Break down a tune and how it is constructed. Understanding the common chord progressions.


Writing out your Flute music.

Do you have difficulty in putting your music down onto manuscript? I can help you with notating the rhythms and displaying your music to a common standard so musicians are able to sightread.

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