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My Student Damia O'Loughlin. Performing Online 20th September 2020

MTA Virtual Concert of NSW

Music Teachers’ Association of NSW

Illawarra Branch


Inaugural Student Concert



Sunday, 20TH SEPTEMBER, 2020



MTA of NSW Illawarra Branch –  Inaugural Virtual Zoom Student Concert


Sunday 20th September, 2020– 2pm


Piano          Jacob Stewart –           Prelude in C - Bach


Piano           Malinda Su –               Evening Song  - Kohler

                                                                Minor chord  study


Piano           Catalina Perez –         Foxtrot- Seiber

                                                                Misty- Errol Garner (Arr Carol Matz)



Clarinet       Damia O’Loughlin  The Girl with the Flaxen Hair -Debussy        


America –(West Side Story) Bernstein


Piano           Willow Tardent-Tong -  Swing your partner  -Golston

                                                                      Tap Dancer   - Goldston


Voice            Heidi Burton  -         The Queen of Mean


Piano            Kylanni Maynard – Old Windmill-   Dunhill

                                                               Gnomes Marching


Piano            Rebecca McNiece  - Arabesque - Burmuller


Vocal            Vedika Tiwari  -       Candle on the Water


Piano            Mysha   Haque            Jazzy Jumpin’- Goldston

                                                                 First Prom-     Goldston


Piano            Natharie  DeSilva      Andantino- Kabalevsky

                                                              Song with a Sad Ending- Benjamin


Vocal             Scout Tardent-Tong   Home  (Beauty and the Beast)

                                                                    Far from the Home I Love

                                                                                    (Fiddler on the Roof)








Music Teacher’s Association of NSW

Suites: 2 & 4, 17 Frederick Street OATLEY NSW 2223


Tel; 02-9570-1436 Toll Free: 1800 021 436

Fax; 02 9586 0493 Email:

Web site:



Many thanks to Meryl Jackson-Kew OAM for her technical support of this concert & Teacher’s of Music Teachers’ Association of NSW Illawarra Branch.

A huge thank you to the non MTA  teachers, students, families and friends who have attended today in support of our performers.

Compere: Meryl Jackson-Kew

Supporting Teachers: State MTA President Barry Walmsley, Elaine Davis,  Denise Heriot,   Meryl Jackson-Kew, Tania McGrath, Casey Greene, Mark Matthews.




The Music Teachers’ Association of NSW

Illawarra Branch


President: Mrs Elaine Davis

  Concert Coordinator:  Meryl Jackson-Kew OAM

PO Box 158, Keiraville, NSW 2500


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